How to Reapply

What you will need...

  • Pros-aid, spirit gum or silicone adhesive
  • Reapplication Cream
  • Application Sticks or Cotton Buds
  • Hairdryer (optional)

Please Note: If you purchased an application kit with your order then you're all set!

Step 1: Adhesive

Using an Applicator Stick, apply the Pros-Aid to the area you would like to apply and leave to become tacky.

Apply your prosthetic to the tacky skin, and push down firmly

TIP: You can also apply to the back of the prosthetic to ensure a strong application

Step 2: Application

Take your prosthetic and press gently onto the tacky skin, starting from the centre and pressing outwards.

Once fixed in place, add a thin layer of Pros-Aide around it to fix the flashing flat. Take your time, the smoother the flashing is against your skin, the better it will look!

TIP: Work in small sections pressing the flashing down, although it will take longer, it will ensure a more flawless finish to your application

Step 3: Reapplication Cream

Once you're content with the applied prosthetic, mix your Reapplication Cream in equal parts of A & B.

Tip: If you don't want to apply all the cream in one go, scoop equal parts out and mix them in a separate cup or on a plate

Once your cream has been mixed together, use a spatula to smooth the cream around the edge of your prosthetic

Step 4: Final Touches

Once applied, you must allow the cream to set.

This could take anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour, depending on how cold your surroundings are.

If you would like to speed up the process, blast a hairdryer on it as heat makes it cure faster

And that's it!

You have now applied your prosthetic! Enjoy!

If you would like a guide on how to remove, check out our removal process... just click the button below

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